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Why is it so important to be proactive?

A business owner that is proactive is always a step ahead of the game. To name a few
reasons why it’s vital – you can save thousands in tax planning, maximize the potential of your business, have confidents knowing
the best decisions are being made throughout the year, have complete control and significant competitive advantage. If your
still not sold, let’s chat.

Why the focus on women-owned businesses?

Before I started my practice, there was much soul searching on my business
vision and purpose. During this time, I realized I needed to focus on what I was most passionate about, other than tax. I was not
only to help small business owners achieve their goals and desired lifestyles, but particularly women-owned. Being a woman
business owner and working with other women entrepreneurs, I understand the unique challenges that women face in
managing and growing a successful business, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I believe when women collaborate,
we thrive and make a bigger impact in this world.

Do you work with small businesses that are owned by men?

Of course. I have clients that are men, which we have the privilege
to work with. Our focus is on women, but we do not limit our services exclusively by gender. If your needs can be meet by our
services, we would love the opportunity to talk to you and see if we’re a good fit for each other.

I’m a local business in your area, but noticed you are 100% virtual. Is it possible for us to meet up?

Definitely. I’d love to sit down and chat about you and your business. Being virtual means that we: 1. deliver all our services through the cloud, saving
our environment; 2. Provide more convenience and flexibility to your busy schedule. Using technology (such as zoom meeting), we can discuss anything face-to-face from anywhere; and 3. access your financials on real-time, allowing us to give advice on the

I’m interested in an accounting package but want to customize it. Will you work with me?

No worries. We can discuss a plan
and price that suits your specific business needs and budget.